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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Adventa recognize that we are all living in a planet with an environment increasingly more fragile from pollution by mankind. We respect the efforts of many in trying to making the world environment better. We are equally committed in this challenge. Our people together with our suppliers and contractors shall do our part in improving and sustaining the environment for our future generations. 


  • Minimise waste generation

  • Treat and recycle whenever possible before disposal

  • Eliminate usage of polluting chemicals in processes.

Polluted Water

Water Conservation

  • Plan and control use of water

  • Recycle and reuse

  • Review processes to save water usage

  • Use efficient technology to minimize water losses

Water Purifier & Glass

Carbon Reduction

  • Minimise packagings in terms of carbon footprint

  • Optimise Logistics

  • Optimise use of renewable energy, reduce Greenhouse combustions in operations and use energy efficient materials.

  • Start carbon reduction from design stage

Industrial Smoke


  • Participate in making our community and the place we operate, a greener landscape

  • Respect and avoid destruction of nature habitats

  • Build around natural environment

  • Promote awareness

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