The Board has overall responsibility for corporate governance, strategic direction, formulation of policies and overseeing the investment and business of the Company. The Board’s responsibilities include:


a)      reviewing and adopting the business plan and overall strategic directions for the Company including establishing company goals and ensuring that the strategies are in place to achieve them;

b)      establishing policies for strengthening the performance of the Company including ensuring that the Management is

         proactively seeking to build the business through innovation, initiative, technology, new products and the development of

         its business capital;

c)      overseeing the conduct of the Company’s business to evaluate whether the business is being properly managed;

d)      identifying principal risks and ensuring the implementation of appropriate systems to manage these risks;

e)      succession planning, including appointing, training, fixing the remuneration of and where appropriate, replacing senior

         management members of the Group;

f)      developing and implementing an investor relations programme or shareholders communications policy for the Company;

g)      reviewing the adequacy and integrity of the Company’s internal control systems and management information systems,

         including systems for compliance with applicable laws, regulations, rules, directives and guidelines;

h)      deciding on necessary steps to protect the Company’s financial position and the ability to meet its debts and other

         obligations when they fall due, and ensuring that such steps are taken;

i)      ensuring that the Company’s financial statements are true and fair and conform to any applicable laws and/or regulations;


j)      ensuring that the Company has appropriate corporate governance structures in place including standards of ethical

        behaviour, and promoting a culture of corporate responsibility.