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Code of Conduct and Ethical Practice - CoCEP

The Board of ADVENTA Berhad ascribes to its Code of Conduct and Ethical Practices (CoCEP). The CoCEP is intended to guide all Directors on their conduct that may influence the objectives and operations of the group, to maintain an environment of trust, honesty and accountability expected by the shareholders and public.

All directors are required to accept and meet the codes laid herein.



Directors shall avoid any conflicts of interest in any dealings that are related to the company directly or indirectly. Should a situation arise that may appear to be a conflict of interest, the matter shall be brought to the attention of the Audit Committee.

A Director shall withdraw from any decision making body;

  • that involves a personal benefit.

  • that involves a company related to the Director.

A timely and clear disclosure needs to be made of any;

  • transactions that is related to the director or his relations.

A Director shall not accept;

  • gifts and/or other payments in kind where such gifts are offered to influence the Director’s decisions.

  • payments for services (done for the company) from any third parties other than from the company.



A Director shall not use company assets for personal purposes other than that allowed for in the contract of service and/or approved by the Board of Directors.


Directors shall uphold all confidential information entrusted to them and/or made available to them directly or indirectly in the course of work and shall not divulge such information unless expressly authorized by the Board of Directors. This includes matters that may relate to incidences of Insider Trading as defined by Bursa Malaysia and the authorities.


Directors are to adhere to all regulations, laws and guidelines set by the Group and the authorities. They shall ensure similar compliance by all employees and suppliers within the group. Any suspected violation shall be brought to the attention of the Audit Committee.

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